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To train youths in skills acquisition for job creation and poverty reduction.


To organize and deploy human and financial resources, as well as engage with all statutory agencies, in order to realize our vision of creating conflict-free societies and communities throughout Nigeria and Africa. Committed to assisting in the prevention of violence, conflict, and insecurity in Africa by providing effective support to processes in the areas of peace culture, good governance, politics, policy development, security, and justice sector reform.


The organization’s mission is to assist in addressing the root causes of violence conflicts, human rights violations/abuses, and insecurity in Africa by involving community leaders, youths/women, local civil societies, and other relevant stakeholders in peace missions, grassroots security, conflict resolution, security advocacy/peace education, gender-based security, peacekeeping/dialogue, and peace negotiations: to achieve our vision for sustainable conflict/violence in Africa.


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Global Watch for Conflict Prevention and Control Initiative, is a Nonprofits organization, make up of volunteers from all work of life:currently working as part of vibrant movement to uplift human dignity and advance the cause of human rights for all.

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